Top 4 Gifts that grandparents will actually love

By Hannah Jones,

Want to give as much back to your grandparents as they have to you since you were young? But you have absolutely no idea what they would like next and already done the whole flowers and chocolates shabang. Even though your grandparents will genuinely be pleased no matter what you give them, deep down you still want to avoid buying them something they won’t even use. In truth, it’s depressing and a waste of money on your side. To give you a nudge in the right direction, here’s a list of the most popular gifts that grandparents actually want so you can sleep peacefully tonight and be pleased with yourself.



Practical Portable Door Handle

Have you noticed that it takes a while for your grandparents to get in and out of the car? A Portable Door Handle that provides a steady grip is what they need. It is compact in size and  can easily be stored away in the glovebox. They’ll find this so useful they can even use it other ways too! It’s also an excellent emergency device with a built-in flashlight that can cut seat belts and hammer down windows! If this isn’t caring, I don’t know what is!



Long Distance Love Frame

Often we don’t get to see our grandparents enough because of studies or work life, however to top off all photo frames you’ve ever got them before (or haven’t), they will love this customized frame that you can fill with family photos and precious memories. Bound to be THE conversation starter for their friends! Make it even more special by adding your own creative DIY for a more personalised touch.


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Solar-Powered Fountain Kit

Bring some life and call out to nature’s sweet birds to your grandparents’ home! Solar Fountain Kits are perfect for everyone that wants a nice little water feature for their backyard. You can’t go wrong with making your grandparents’ garden even more beautiful and attractive because this fountain kit costs nothing to operate and is super environmentally friendly.


Easy Access LED Touch Light

Make your grandparents’ lives easier and safer by gifting them these Easy Access Touch Lights that can be stuck onto anywhere with a flat surface. It only needs a tap to turn it on and off making it super convenient and helpful in the dark areas that need extra lighting. They probably need some in their kitchen cabinets or bedside and you can never have too many lights in the house.

Buying gifts can become repetitive for elderlies, sure flowers and chocolates are nice once in awhile but as you get older, they prefer more practical presents that can be used on a daily basis. Any gift you choose for them, they’ll be eternally grateful for your efforts. Going that extra mile and surprising them with something useful from our top 4 gifts will be the icing on the cake.


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I got the car door handle for my grandma. She says it helps a lot! Thanks for the gift idea!

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